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Photo courtesy of: Number1411


Dallas, Tx

Subject: Lorenol Changed my life! 

Omg.  I put some of that cream on my face when I got home, and I swear I can already tell a difference!  Can’t wait to wash my face and use the other ones!!  My flaky nose— and it is always flaky, year round— is NOT flaky after using just a dab of the cream you gave me today.  I am so happy with results after just one use!!  Thank you again!! 


Kim C.


Subject: I love your products…

My skin has never looked better. I will remain an avid user of this fabulous new line. Thanks so much!


Gina G.

Naples, Fla

Subject: Anti Aging Wow!

My skin has never looked more amazing since I started using your anti age products. I Love Love Love Lorenol Labs !!!



Westminster ,CO

Subject: Cut finger

These are photo progressions of a client of mine who cut off the tip off her finger on June 13th, 2018. She used the Post Treatment Balm and Soothing Silver Cream throughout the healing time. Look at how well it healed in only 3 1/2 weeks and the fingerprint has been regrown too! WOW! we have something special here!






Dallas, Texas

Subject: KP

I used the dermal night repair on the back of my legs where it’s been bumpy and annoying! And SMOOTH literally the next day —I want to bathe in this stuff!  



Boulder, Co

Subject: Lorenol Labs Products for Daily Use

“It’s awesome, it’s like the most lightweight but penetrating moisture I’ve ever gotten in a product (both serums, Soothing Silver cream and balm). I like the serum for under makeup too which is great, and I usually put healing balm on after I use glycolic acid. I usually use the Dermal Night stuff around my eyes and like possible wrinkle spots. Haven’t had much acne, just some spots on my chin so that’s great!”



Columbia, Missouri

Subject: Rosacea Results

I have some pictures before and after photos to show my incredible improvement after using your products.... The products have really helped the texture of my skin and stopped the dry patches of skin. It is about as good as when I used topical steroids with out the side effects E.g. my face would hurt if I missed a dose and would flare worse than before. Non of that with your products. Thanks!  Is any of this sold in Missouri?

Shawn's Sister writes:

Stephanie B 

Denver, CO

Subject: Amazing

My brothers skin looks amazing he has had Rosacea problems all of his life. It is so emotional what an improvement it has been for him! 

A few things… The aestheticians I work with are interested in knowing more about the products, especially  the amazing product line for rosacea and laser recovery. ..Second! My Dad is a pediatrician back home in Columbia, Missouri. That is where my brother and family live… I don’t think you guys have anything there yet...My Dad may be interested in signing up for an account as he has moms and teens in and out of his office. 


My parents have been so impressed with my brothers skin, even when I just handed him the soothing silver serum. Thank you so much it has changed lives!












Houston, Tx

Subject: Sunburn Relief

I just wanted to show you this INSANE PROGRESS from the Soothing Silver. The left was Monday night and the middle was Tuesday night and the third was Wednesday night. One application at night one in the morning and it's like it never happened!!!! I am in complete awe!!!!!!!!!









Cynthia L

Lancaster, Wisconsin

Subject: My Eczema Results after using Soothing Silver

I don’t normally give feed back, but this product is so amazing I had to let you know my results. Every winter my eczema flares up terribly. I am constantly itching my skin even while using steroid cream. I tried your soothing Silver with little expectation. Wow was I wrong!  Not only did it give immediate relief, it lasted ALL day and actually clears it up completely!!!  I am forever thankful. This product has changed my life!  Thank you so much!!!


Izzy D

Atlanta, Ga

Subject: Dermal Night Repair for Acne

I am currently going thru menopause and have had a problem with breakouts.  I noticed when I started using your Dermal Night Repair, my face cleared up and was glowing. My teenage daughter was having acne issues so I gave it to her to try because I didn’t like her using the steroid products. I have attached before and after photos that shows it cleared up within 2 days!  This is amazing! She is now telling all of her friends about this product. 





Stephanie O

Houston, TX

Subject: Daily Regenerating  Serum and Daily Balancing Cleanser

We have done well with the face wash and Daily Regenerating Serum and love it! After just 15 days of use, you can definitely see the improvement in my melasma. Thank you!!!


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