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A company that provides advanced professional skin care products and treatment systems sold only to medical professionals.  


Our exclusive patent-pending technologies were developed by a team of professionals with years of experience in pharmaceutical skin care and the aesthetics markets. Each ingredient has been selected providing the latest and most effective ingredients available.  

Our topical therapeutic products effectively improve most inflammatory skin issues and skin inflammation that result from laser and medical procedures, and widely known dermatological skin disorders.


In addition, Lorenol Labs®, has developed products designed specifically to help reverse signs of aging and protect the skin from sun damage, photoaging, problem skin, breakouts and hyperpigmentation.  


All of these specially developed products have natural, safe and effective ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.  Each formula has been researched and clinically tested to ensure patients receive quality ingredients with recognized results. 

Lorenol Labs® is dedicated to continuously providing the latest in science and technology to support, the growth, and success of medical professionals.