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Tattoo Removal

Designed to help decrease inflammation, reduce pain and potential scarring while encouraging the healing process to start immediately following tattoo removal. Helps minimize skin discomfort without interrupting the tattoo removal process.


System includes:

  • Daily Balancing Cleanser (1.7 oz)
  • Post Treatment Balm (15 ml)
  • Daily Regenerating Serum (7 ml)

Tattoo Removal

  • Many common cosmetic medical procedures such as tattoo removal, microblading treatments and in-office procedures such as surgeries (e.g. facial, breast, liposuction, etc.), liquid nitrogen procedures, Levulan®, and Efudex® can cause post-procedure inflammation and discomfort. Any prolonged inflammation can lead to changes in the skin causing scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and even aging of the treated area. 


    Recent studies have shown that sustained, and high levels of inflammatory hormones can lead to an increase in hyperpigmentation as well as, scarring and can enhance the risk of some skin cancers. Lorenol Labs® has developed several formulas that have the ability to block the production of these inflammatory hormones in skin cells, thus improving post laser downtime leading to better overall results.


    A direct link to hyper-pigmentation and abnormal scarring in skin is caused by the inflammatory mediator PGE- 2 produced during laser treatments


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