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Post Laser Recovery System

Anti-inflammatory. Antibacterial. Antimicrobial. Antiviral.


A system desinged to help soothe the uncomfortable side effects after ablative and non-ablative laser procedures. Each product in this system has been designed to help to prevent long-term inflammation and minimize pain, itch, and discomfort.

​This unique patent pending system has shown to accelerate skin recovery in as little as 4 days after even the most ablative laser treatments. No other product on the market today has been able to achieve this kind recovery time/ results.

Post Laser Recovery System

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  • Helps reduce:

    • redness
    • pain
    • itch
    • inflammation 
  • Immediately After Procedure:

    1. Apply Post Treatment Balm (in place of Aquaphor) 6 times a day or more during the week of the healing process. Post Treatment Balm is extremely gentle and contains natural analgesic properties that may be applied as often as needed to control, stinging and itching. Patients may apply cool compresses immediately after treatment and as needed during the first few days to decrease the “hot” feeling that may occur.

    Day Following Procedure:

    1. Gently wash the area with tepid water. Pat the area dry and immediately apply Post Treatment Balm. Repeat this step 1-2 times daily for at least 7 days.

    ONLY after a Full 24 Hours of Healing:

    1. Apply Soothing Silver Cream several times a day to control flaking. 

    72 Hours After Healing is Complete (visibly pink, NOT red or swollen)

    1. Apply a dime-size portion of the Daily Regenerating Serum in the evenings for the remainder of the week. 

    Additonal Post Care Recommendations

    1. Avoid hot water and steam on treated areas.
    2. Avoid picking or peeling treated areas or aggressive scrubbing of the exfoliating skin thus allowing it to exfoliate gently during the washing process.
    3. Sleep with head elevated on pillows (head above the heart) the first few nights post treatment to help with excessive swelling).  Expect 2 days of significant redness and inflammation; this is a typical reaction from the treatment and yields more collagen generation.
    4. Avoid direct sun exposure.  Apply sun block SPF 30 or higher when the skin has healed before sun exposure. 
    5. Wear a protective hat or visor for the first 2 weeks while outdoors.
    6. Avoid dirty, dusty environments, heavy hairspray or perfumes while skin is healing.
    7. Avoid topical exfoliation, scrubs, microdermabrasion, and any products containing harsh acids for two weeks after treatment.  A Clarisonic can be used on low speed beginning 10 days after treatment.
    8. Acne (up to day 14) is common in the healing process. It is advisable never to pick or use harsh acne products until completely healed. 
    9. Call your medical professional during business hours if you have any questions or concerns following your treatment.

    There are no known concerns regarding the use of these products as directed by your medical professional. As with any skin care product, avoid getting the product in the eye area. If irritation develops, discontinue use.       


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