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Emergency Sunburn Relief System

Sunburns dehydrate skin and may cause long term damage. Lorenol® with Sulforaphane protects skin and helps reverse UV damage and, provide deep hydration that forms a protective barrier in the skin.  



Sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli sprouts, supports your skin's ability to detoxify and provides powerful protection against damage caused by UV radiation. Scientists have found that topically applied sulforaphane has the ability to help protect the skin against the visible signs of sun damage, revitalize and repair skin, and reduce skin inflammation.

Emergency Sunburn Relief System

1 Pound
    • Corrective Lip Relief
    • Daily Balancing Cleanser
    • Post Treatment Balm 
    • Soothing Silver Cream

    Apply Soothing Silver Cream generously . If Soothing Silver Cream is applied within 4 hours of first developing a sunburn,  it may help REVERSE the sunburn. If applied after 4 hours, it may still have the ability to help stop the progression of the sunburn, however, it may not entirely reverse it. Continued use will help  accelerate recovery time.  Apply as often as needed.




    1. Apply Post Treatment Balm on open or oozing blisters.  (DO NOT use Soothing Silver Cream on open wounds. Wait at least  24 hours after the injury has scabbed over).  Applying Post Treatment Balm to affected areas of the skin helps relieve stinging, dehydration, redness, and inflammation, which helps to accelerate skin recovery.
    2. Gently wash the burned area with Daily Balancing Cleanser and tepid water starting the morning after a burn. After patting the area dry, immediately apply the Soothing Silver Cream. 
    3. Repeat routine for the next two days to ensure proper healing and to reduce DNA damage. 
    4. If more hydration is required on the third day, apply Post Treatment Balm before applying the Soothing Silver Cream throughout the day. 
    5. Lips are particularly vulnerable to sunburn. The anti-inflammatory medical grade actives in the Corrective Lip Relief give lips immediate relief and help to restore lost moisture and prevent dryness in delicate lip tissue. Collagen boosting amino acids with natural anti-aging actives help give lips a smoother, fuller appearance while restoring healthy color. Apply as often as needed.


    *As with any product, test a small area. If irritation develops, discontinue use.

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