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Microneedle Recovery System

For use Before and After Microneedling procedures. These products have been specially designed to combat the major signs of aging, increase collagen and elastin production as well as accelerate skin recovery post treatment. Developed to speed up the healing process, provide comfort, and reduce pain and burning by preventing air from contacting the treated area.

Microneedle Recovery System

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  • Applying Post Treatment Balm to treated areas will help to reduce redness, pain, and inflammation associated with micro needling treatments. Helps to speed up the healing process while eliminating the potential for scarring and hyper-pigmentation (even in darker skin). 


    Post Treatment Balm and Soothing Silver Cream each have the proprietary Lorenol® technology. Both products are designed to minimize discomfort and accelerate skin recovery from post ablative and non-ablative treatments (i.e. chemical peels, laser treatments, micro needling treatments, etc.). While each product is designed to accelerate healing, the Soothing Silver Cream should NEVER be used on open or ablated skin and advised ONLY to be applied after 24 hours post treatment to avoid further pain or discomfort.


    Developed to help with post ablative and post-surgical dehydration and itch. Applying any cream on open skin WILL cause stinging if applied before the proliferative or healing phase. 


  • Pre Microneedling Procedure:

    1. Cleanse the face or any area being treated thoroughly with Daily Balancing Cleanser and pat dry. 
    2. Apply a nickel size of Daily Regenerating Serum to the area being treated. 
    3. Commence with the microneedling procedure.

    Post Microneedling Procedure:

    1. Apply Post Treatment Balm liberally to all treated areas. May be applied as often as needed to help with pain and discomfort.

    Following Day Post Microneedling Procedure:

    1. Gently wash the area 1-2 times daily with the Daily Balancing Cleanser and tepid water starting the morning after your treatment. 
    2. After patting the area dry, immediately apply Post Treatment Balm. Apply  at least 3 times times a daily during the week of the healing process. 
    3. Soothing Silver Cream should be applied several times a day to control flaking ONLY after a full 24 hours of healing. 
    4. 72 hours after healing is complete (visibly pink, NOT red or swollen) apply a dime-size portion of Daily Regenerating Serum in the evenings for the remainder of the week. Repeat routine for the next two weeks to ensure proper healing and to reduce the possibility of hyper-pigmentation and scarring.
    5. Avoid hot water and steam on any treated areas .
    6. Avoid picking and peeling the treated area or aggressive scrubbing of the exfoliating skin thus allowing it to exfoliate gently during the washing process.         
    7. If the facial area has been treated sleep with head elevated on pillows (head above the heart) the first few nights post treatment to help with swelling. Expect to have 2 days of significant redness and inflammation - this is a typical reaction from the treatment and yields more collagen generation.        
    8. Avoid direct sun exposure.  Apply sun block SPF 30 or higher when  skin has healed before sun exposure. 
    9. Wear protective clothing, visor, sleeves, etc., covering the treated area for the first two weeks while outdoors.
    10. Avoid dirty, dusty environments, heavy hairspray, body lotions, or perfumes while skin is healing. 
    11. Avoid topical exfoliation, scrubs, and any products containing harsh acids for two weeks after treatment. A Clarisonic can be used on low speed beginning ONLY 10 days after treatment. 
    12. Acne (up to day 14) is common in the healing process. To avoid scarring DO NOT pick at the area
    13. Call your medical professional during business hours if you have any questions or concerns following your treatment.

    There are no known concerns regarding the use of these products as directed by your medical professional. However, as with any skin care product, avoid using product in the eye area.  If irritation develops, discontinue use. 

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