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Dry Cracked Skin Relief System

Specifically recommended for dry and cracked skin. Highly protective and moisturizing but never heavy or greasy. Designed specifically to seal the skin against water loss and to help promote repair to the damaged skin barrier.   Each product selected helps restore the skin's natural barrier blocking the inflammatory response triggered by dry, and damaged skin. This significant dual effect breaks the chain reaction of the cracked skin-inflammation cycle and allows the skin to recover more rapidly to reveal a more healthy normal appearance. 


Dry Cracked Skin Relief System

  • When skin loses water, it triggers an inflammatory response, which can lead to dry, cracked, itchy skin and possibly result in contact dermatitis that can cause further skin damage.  Dermatitis, whether resulting from chemical irritants, dry climate, or allergens, can cause severe damage to the skin's protective barrier, which can be painful, particularly on the lips, hands and feet. This condition can become more severe if the protective barrier is not restored to a normal state immediately.  Once the skin barrier is repaired, the inflammatory response will be turned off, and the cycle of skin damage causing inflammation will be under control. 


    Applying skin care products that seal this protective barrier and prevent water loss can reduce the inflammatory response and help the healing to begin.  Many “skin barrier repair" products are typically greasy, messy, and can leave a heavy film. Petrolatum based products in particular despite being helpful in sealing the skin against water loss can be extremely greasy and counter-productive, especially for areas such as the hands and feet. 


  • Recommended for the relief of dry, cracked, dehydrated skin:


    • DAILY BALANCING CLEANSER- A PH balanced, gentle soap-free cleanser that will not dry or irritate the skin
    • POST TREATMENT BALM - Is an extremely gentle soothing serum with Lorenol® designed to help reduce redness and inflammation while hydrating and protecting the skin
    • SOOTHING SILVER CREAM - is a highly hydrating moisturizer with Lorenol® I & II.  Helps restore dry skin in 24 hours, soothes damaged red skin, promotes repair in skin's protective barrier with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-itch ingredients. Perfect for sensitive skin often associated with eczema or rosacea.
    • CORRECTIVE LIP RELIEF - Is an extremely moisturizing and protective lip balm designed to help relieve cracked, dry lips while promoting collagen production and, UVB protection while improving natural color.
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