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A gentle, botanically-derived, balm created for the relief of sensitive and inflamed skin caused by dryness, burns, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and post medical procedures.


Designed to prevent moisture loss in minutes after application, Post Treatment Balm with Lorenol® will help soothe skin and provide a “seal" against air and the environment.


This soothing salve has been specially created with gentle plant-derived oils to help protect, hydrate, and soothe skin immediately. Post Treatment Balm contains all natural ingredients and is gentle enough for all skin types.


Recommended for the relief of red and inflamed skin caused by cuts, burns, professional peels, laser resurfacing and surgical/medical procedures. 


Also excellent for minor irritations, inflammaion, itchiness, folliculitis or insect bites.


  • Antioxidant rich formula

  • Natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

  • Invisible protection for open and abraded skin

  • Promotes the skin's natural healing process

  • Stifles harmful production of microbes 

  • Occlusive non-greasy formula