Medical Grade MicroSilver®

Skin prone to sensitivity from perfumes and dyes requires safe, gentle, and effective skincare. Doctors and hospitals have used Medical Grade silver for many years, with superb results, to help heal fragile skin post-surgery. Taking these proven results into account, LORENOL LABS® made the careful decision to add Medical Grade MicroSilver® to the product line, incorporating it with our patent-pending LORENOL® technology. It consists of highly porous and micron-sized particles that have been used in medical devices and Medical Grade skincare successfully worldwide since 2011. This addition to our Product line (produced in Germany to ISO safety standards) has proven beneficial for dry, damaged, sensitive skin. This unique ingredient forms an invisible netting, which acts as a barrier, allowing the skin to protect itself from harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses without harming the its natural flora. This combination of micron-sized silver with our proprietary Ingredients has been selected to complement the Relief Line of products. Lorenol’s® Relief products are designed specifically for sensitive, dry, and damaged skin and are designed to be safe and gentle. These unique formulas help maintain a more youthful, healthy, and balanced complexion through extreme temperatures and traumas.

DTR Microsilver close up.png

Lorenol II® Includes Important Micron Medical Grade Silver for its Antimicrobial Properties

  • Medical Grade MicroSilver®, combined with a Par 2 inhibitor and our other proprietary compounds, makes up LORENOL® II.            

MicroSilver® is:

  • anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antiviral and regulative (forming an invisible protective film on the surface of the skin)

  • skin conditioning (stabilizing the look of the skin when regularly applied)

  • a natural preservative (skin & eco-friendly product) 

  • supportive care-for atopic skin, dermatitis, blemishes, acne, sensitive skin, dandruff, and depilation/shaving

  • anti-odor (controlling & reducing odor forming bacteria)