Skin can react in a multitude of ways, manifesting inflammation in the form of redness, rashes, itching, or dry and dehydrated skin. Often, chemicals, soaps, dyes or perfume can cause allergic reactions and an immediate inflammatory response.  A majority of today’s skin problems begin with free radical damage and unwanted germs that have collected on the skin. Conditions can become aggravated by various external influences such as pollutants, an unhealthy diet, lifestyle, or stress.


Skin that is prone to sensitivity from perfumes, dyes, as well as the environment has a need for safe, gentle and effective skin solutions. Doctors and hospitals have used medical grade silver for many years to assist healing fragile skin post surgery with superb results. Because of this recent research and proven benefits, LORENOL LABS™ made the careful decision to add Microsilver® to our line of products, incorporating it with our patent pending LORENOL™ technology. 


Medical Grade Microsilver® is a pure silver powder consisting of highly porous and micro-sized (NOT nano!) particles that have been used in medical devices and medical grade skin care successfully worldwide since 2011. Produced in Germany with ISO safety standards, this addition to our line of products have proven to be beneficial for dry, damaged, sensitive skins.  This unique ingredient has the ability to form an 'invisible netting' which acts as a barrier, allowing the skin to protect itself from harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses without harming the skin’s natural flora. This combination of  proprietary ingredients has been selected to compliment our Relief line of products created specifically for sensitive, dry, and damaged, skin, and is safe and gentle, helping to maintain a more youthful, healthy, and balanced complexion throughout seasonal changes. 

Medical Grade MicroSilver® combined with our other proprietary compounds make up LORENOL II™, which has the following benefits:


  • ANTI-BACTERIAL AND REGULATIVE - Forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the skin that helps to eliminate microorganisms that cause infection and inhibit healing.

  • SKIN CONDITIONING - Contributes to condition and stabilizes the look of the skin when regularly applied.


  • NATURAL PRESERVATION - Is a natural skin-friendly & eco-friendly product.


  • SUPPORTIVE CARE - For dry skin, atopic skin, dermatitis, blemishes, acne, sensitive skin, dandruff, depilation/shaving.


  • ANTI-ODOR - Controls & reduces odor forming bacteria.


The combination of sulforaphane and other natural botanicals in LORENOL™ I,  LORENOL™ II , and LORENOL™ III  has been widely used in food and flavoring agents for generations and has been approved by the FDA and ISO.  Each of these ingredients has been tested extensively by the NTP (National Toxicology Program) for safety, and (GRAS) Generally Regarded As Safe.




  • LORENOL I™,  LORENOL II™, and LORENOL III all have natural analgesic and antihistamine  activity when applied to the skin.   

  • LORENOL I™,  LORENOL II™, and LORENOL III™, all help to stimulate anti-aging genes including hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. 

  • LORENOL I™,  LORENOL II™, and LORENOL III  all help to interrupt the production and action of many inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, and hormones (such as PGE-2) produced by human keratinocytes and fibroblasts, as well as those made by immune  cells (monocytes and T-lymphocytes).     

  • LORENOL™ has a small molecular weight with oil solubility properties, allowing it to penetrate skin rapidly.

  • Topical formulations containing LORENOL with sulforaphane are extremely effective in helping to reduce the severity of rosacea, eczema, and acne,            and have visibly shown to prevent damage to skin after laser and medical treatments.

  • LORENOL I™,  LORENOL II™, and LORENOL III™  with Zinger Officinalis, Alovsia Citgodora, and Sulforaphane, have been identified to have pronounced anti-inflammatory  actives, as well as anti-aging properties, all of which help to improve skins appearance. 



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