Masks can be irritating, particularly on the nose, cheeks, and chin. This condition can become more severe if the protective barrier is not restored to a healthy state.

Extended mask use may trigger, an anti-inflammatory response leading to dry, cracked, itchy skin and dermatitis. Dermatitis, whether arising from irritation, dry climate, or allergies, can cause damage to the skin's protective barrier.

Petrolatum-based products, despite helping seal the skin against water loss, can be greasy, messy, and leave a heavy film. 

Lorenol Labs® Mask Recovery Systemincludes fast absorbing, small molecular weight formulas designed help to restore, repair and relief skin irritations rapidly.

Botanically-derived, medical-grade ingredients combined with natural analgesics relieve and protect skin from rough, dry patches and/or mild skin breakouts caused by long-term mask use. 

System Includes:

  • Corrective Lip Relief

  • Daily Balancing Cleanser 1.7 oz

  • Dermal Night Repair 7 ml

  • Post Treatment Balm 15ml

  • Soothing Silver Cream 10 ml

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