Recent Research Trends:

Natural Anti-Inflammatories and Anti-Aging Compounds

At Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 85-year-old Paul Talalay built a PhD Pharmacology program, where he dedicated years researching the benefits of broccoli and how it can benefit our lives.


Most recent studies have shown significant benefits can be derived from broccoli sprouts. These sprouts, which pack 20 to 50 times the cancer-fighting punch of the mature broccoli plant, are designed to help people help themselves fight disease.  He has dubbed his lab's work and that of others like it  “chemoprotection."  This research has led to a greater awareness and research of broccoli sprout extracts and related topical benefits in skin care. 


Now, a new center at Johns Hopkins is looking for more. Talalay, until his death at 95, directed the Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins, where he discovered the health-promoting properties of sulforaphane glucosinolate, the cancer-fighting chemical abundant in the pungent Brassica family of vegetables. The lab's findings were featured on the front page of The New York Times and hailed as one of the top 100 scientific discoveries of the 20th century.  All of which fortified a still-growing scientific movement, built on the idea that people can improve their health by understanding the benefits of this very common vegetable. 


Lorenol Labs® has expanded and focused efforts on the benefits of sulforaphane glucosinolate and eventually developed patent pending LORENOL®,  a combination of natural botanical ingredients that work synergistically to address and improve pigmentation disorders, including post medical procedure inflammation. Through this research, a combination of plant-derived 'phytochemicals' has been discovered that can provide the same anti-inflammatory benefits that are currently being used with corticosteroids and immune transforming biologics.  LORENOL®, however, has none of the negative, immune response suppressing side effects often associated with these type of drugs. 


Since it is well known that skin inflammation is the underlying cause of skin aging, natural compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects will also likely have beneficial anti-aging effects as well. LORENOL® research has discovered a combination of natural biological compounds we have named LORENOL®, which together have produced remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.