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This system is the perfect solution to help soothe the uncomfortable side effects after ablative and non-ablative laser procedures. Each product in this system has been designed to help prevent long term inflammation and minimize pain, itch, and discomfort. Any prolonged inflammation can lead to changes in the skin causing scarring, hyperpigmentation, and even aging of the treated area. 


Clinical studies have shown that sustained, and high levels of inflammatory hormones can lead to an increase in hyperpigmentation, scarring and may enhance the risk of some skin cancers. Lorenol Labs® has developed several proprietary formulas that have the ability to interrupt the production of these inflammatory hormones in the skin, thus improving post laser pain, redness, and downtime leading to better overall results. 

System Includes:

  • Daily Balancing Cleanser 1.7 oz

  • Daily Regenerating Serum  7 ml

  • Post Treatment Balm 1 oz

  • Soothing Silver Cream 1 oz