System Includes:

Balancing Cleanser 6 oz 

Soothing Silver Cream 1 oz 

Post Treatment Balm 4 oz 

Corrective Lip Relief 3 ml

Lorenol Labs® products are botanically-derived, broccoli based, compounds with patent-pending LORENOL® technology which addresses inflammatory skin issues incorporating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that interrupt the“signaling cascade” of damaging inflammatory mediators.


Lorenol Labs® products address "triggers" of major inflammatory mediators such as:

•    TNFa (responsible for Psoriasis/Autoimmune Diseases)

•    IL1  (responsible for aging /skin damage)

•    PG2 (responsible for poor wound healing /cancer)

•    IL8   (responsible for interrupting collagen growth)


Sunburns, in particular, stimulate some of these inflammatory mediators which become elevated, resulting in blood vessel swelling (erythema and edema) affecting the skin which can result in:

•    redness, pain, and swelling     

•    dry skin & UV skin aging    

•    hyperpigmentation, age spots & melasma    

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