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LORENOL® products are created using the DALTON 500 RULE


Substances smaller than 500 kDa, with sufficient oil solubility and high partition coefficient, can be absorbed into the skin. However, in contrast, larger molecules (molecular weight > 500 kDa) cannot pass the cutaneous barrier. (Bos JD, Meinardi MMHM. The 500 Dalton rule for the skin penetration of chemical compounds and drugs. Exp Dermatol. 2000; 9:165–169.)







Virtually all common contact allergens are under 500 Dalton, larger molecules are not known as contact sensitizers:

  1. They cannot penetrate and thus cannot act as allergens in man;

  2. The most commonly used pharmacological agents applied in topical dermatotherapy are all under 500 Dalton;

  3. All known topical drugs used in transdermal drug-delivery systems are under 500 Dalton. In addition, clinical experience with topical agents such as cyclosporine, tacrolimus and ascomycins gives further arguments for the reality of the 500 Dalton rule. For pharmaceutical development purposes, it seems logical to restrict the development of new innovative compounds to a MW of under 500 Dalton, when topical dermatological therapy or percutaneous systemic therapy or vaccination is the objective.

There are three pathways to the skin:

  1. The Intercellular pathway, which is through lipid matrix between keratinocytes (the 'mortar').

  2. The Transcellular pathway, which is through the keratinocytes.

  3. The Transappendageal pathway, across hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands. The Transappendageal pathway is NOT a major penetration pathway as it covers only 0.1% of the skin surface area. Permeation in the skin is mainly through the lipid matrix of the 'Stratum Corneum' (Hadgraft J. Modulation of the barrier function of the skin. Skin Pharmacol Appl Skin Physiol. 2001; 14:72–81.)

Patent -Pending LORENOL®:

  • has multi-functional active ingredients

  •  has a low MW (molecular weight) of 177 

  • is oil based - oil penetrates the skin

  • is a natural product, and not chemically altered

  • uses Franz testing methods to ensure skincare efficacy